Az Tannerites Bio, Age, Facts, Girlfriend, Parents, Height, Net Worth & More

Az Tannerites has captured the hearts of millions of viewers through his appearances on the Tannerites family vlogging channel. As one of the youngest members of this YouTube sensation, Az’s adorable smile and endearing personality have made him a favorite among fans. In this article, we will delve into Az Tannerites’ biography, age, net worth, family, physical stats, and more.

Az Tannerites Bio, Age, Facts, Girlfriend, Parents, Height, Net Worth & More
Az Tannerites Biography

Az Tannerites Wiki/Biography:

Born on June 4, 2012, Azbury Tanner, popularly known as Az Tannerites, is a talented young YouTuber from Utah, United States. At just nine years old, Az has already made a name for himself in the online world. He belongs to the Tannerites family, which includes his parents, Sarah and Johnny Tannerites, and his six siblings: Branson, Allie, Daniell, Savannah, Elizabeth, and Canyon. 

Full NameAzbury Tanner
Nick NameSun
Born DateJune 4, 2012
Age11 years old (as of 2023)
Lucky Number6
Lucky StoneAgate
Lucky ColorYellow
Best Match for MarriageLeo, Aquarius, Libra
Marital StatusSingle
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBlonde
Birth PlaceUtah
FatherJohnny Tannerites
MotherSarah Tannerites
SiblingsBranson, Allie, Daniell, Savannah, Elizabeth, Canyon
Educational Qualifications:Update
YouTube ChannelsTannerites (1.7 million subscribers) Yawi Vlogs (622k subscribers)
ContestEntered CVX Live’s Next Big YouTuber Contest in 2016
Sister’s YouTube ChannelSavannah Banana (launched on April 8, 2020)
Net Worth$1.5 million
Az Tannerites Bio Data Table

Az Tannerites Age in 2023:

As of 2023, Az Tannerites is 11 years old, with his birthdate falling on June 4, 2012. Growing up in a family that thrives on creating entertaining content, Az has become an integral part of the Tannerites’ YouTube success.

Az Tannerites Early Life and Career:

Az Tannerites was born into a family of YouTubers, and his exposure to the online world began at an early age. Since July 2015, the Tannerites family vlogging channel has gained a massive following, with over 1.7 million subscribers. Az and his siblings share their everyday adventures, challenges, and fun experiences with their dedicated viewers.

Az Tannerites Physical Stats:

While specific details about Az Tannerites’ height, weight, and other body measurements are not available, it’s important to remember that he is still in the developmental stage. As he grows, his physical attributes will continue to change. Az has blonde hair that adds to his charming personality, complemented by his captivating dark brown eyes.

Az Tannerites Educational Qualifications:

Information about Az Tannerites’ educational background is currently undisclosed. However, considering his age, it can be assumed that he is pursuing his primary education. The Tannerites family focuses on striking a balance between their YouTube commitments and the children’s academic pursuits.

About Az Tannerites Family and Other Relatives:

Az Tannerites is part of a large and loving family. His parents, Sarah and Johnny Tannerites, have been instrumental in creating a successful YouTube channel that showcases their family’s adventures. Az’s siblings, Branson, Allie, Daniell, Savannah, Elizabeth, and Canyon, also play vital roles in their videos, bringing their unique personalities and experiences to the channel.

Az Tannerites Girlfriend:

Given Az Tannerites’ young age, he is currently single and not involved in any romantic relationships. As he grows older, it’s natural to expect that he will attract admirers with his charm and infectious personality.

Az Tannerites Net Worth:

As of now, Az Tannerites’ estimated net worth is $1.5 million. This impressive figure is a result of the success of the Tannerites family YouTube channel, collaborations, and brand endorsements. With their continued popularity, it is likely that Az’s net worth will increase in the future.

Interesting Facts About Az Tannerites:

  • Az Tannerites was born on June 4, 2012, in Utah, USA.
  • He is the second-youngest among his six siblings.
  • Az gained fame through his appearances on the Tannerites family vlogging channel.
  • The Tannerites channel has over 1.7 million subscribers.
  • Az has blonde hair and captivating dark brown eyes.
  • He is passionate about creating entertaining content for his viewers.
  • Az’s parents, Sarah and Johnny Tannerites, are also successful YouTubers.
  • The Tannerites family has a second YouTube channel called “Yawi Vlogs.”
  • Az’s net worth is currently estimated to be $1.5 million.
  • He continues to captivate audiences with his endearing personality and adorable smile.

Social Media Accounts of Az Tannerites:

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What is Az Tannerites’ age?

Az Tannerites is currently 10 years old.

How many siblings does Az Tannerites have?

Az Tannerites has six siblings: Branson, Allie, Daniell, Savannah, Elizabeth, and Canyon.

What is Az Tannerites’ net worth?

Az Tannerites’ net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million.

Is Az Tannerites married or in a relationship?

As of now, Az Tannerites is single, focusing on his YouTube career and personal growth.

Where is Az Tannerites from?

Az Tannerites is from Utah, United States.

Summary of Az Tannerites:

Az Tannerites, born on June 4, 2012, is a talented young YouTuber from Utah, USA. As part of the Tannerites family, he has gained popularity through their family vlogging channel, which has amassed over 1.7 million subscribers. At just 10 years old, Az has already made a significant impact in the online world. With his endearing personality, captivating smile, and supportive family, Az Tannerites continues to delight viewers with his adventures and create content that brings joy to millions.

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