Bakasuran (2023): Movie Cast, Budget, Trailer, Release Date, Wiki and More

Bakasuran is an action-packed film released in 2023 that delves into the disturbing world of cyber harassment and highlights the importance of parental awareness. Directed and written by Mohan G., the movie features a talented cast and delivers a compelling storyline. In this article, we will explore the movie’s key details, including the cast, budget, trailer, release date, plot, and behind-the-scenes insights.

Bakasuran (2023) Movie Cast, Budget, Trailer, Release Date, Wiki and More
Bakasuran (2023) Movie Cast, Budget, Trailer, Release Date, Wiki and More

Bakasuran Movie Info:

TitleBakasuran (2023)
DirectorMohan G.
WriterMohan G.
Runtime2 hours 35 minutes
Bakasuran (2023) Movie Info Table Data

Bakasuran Trailer:

The official trailer of Bakasuran sets the tone for the film, showcasing its intense storyline and intriguing characters. In the trailer, we catch a glimpse of the cyber harassment theme and the emotional turmoil faced by the characters. The 2-minute and 57-second trailer leaves viewers eagerly anticipating the movie’s release.

Bakasuran Budget and Gross:

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Note: Actual budget and gross figures not available at the time of writing

Bakasuran Cast, Real Name, Role, Position:

Cast PhotoCastName in FilmRolePosition
K. SelvaraghavanBeemarasuLead ActorProtagonist
Nataraja SubramanianMajor ArulvarmanSupporting ActorInvestigating Officer
Radha RaviNagarajanSupporting ActorAntagonist
K. RajanRajagopal (Divya’s grandfather)Supporting Actor
Ramachandran DurairajWatchman ManiSupporting Actor
Saravana SubbiahLawyerSupporting Actor
Mansoor Ali KhanDancerSupporting Actor
Devadarshini ChetanInspectorSupporting Actor
Thenappan P.L.Senior Police OfficerSupporting Actor
Cool SureshCool Raja (Pimp)Supporting Actor
GunanithiKathirSupporting Actor
TharakshiDivyaSupporting Actress
Jayam SK GopiDebate Participant (Cameo Role)Supporting Actor
SasilayaSundariSupporting Actress
Pondy RaviNagarajan’s SidekickSupporting Actor
Kutty GopiGuna (Cameraman)Supporting Actor
Arunodhayan LakshmananKandhaSupporting Actor
Bakasuran Film Cast Info Table

Bakasuran Behind The Scenes:

Behind the scenes, Bakasuran brings together a talented crew of filmmakers, including director Mohan G. Known for their unique storytelling abilities, Mohan G. creates a captivating cinematic experience through this film. The dedicated crew members work tirelessly to bring the vision to life, including talented cinematographers, editors, and production designers.

Bakasuran Plot:

Bakasuran revolves around the unsettling subject of cyber harassment and emphasizes the vital role parents play in being aware of their children’s problems. The movie follows the journey of Beemarasu, played by K. Selvaraghavan, as he grapples with the effects of cyber harassment. It showcases the challenges he faces, the investigation led by Major Arulvarman (Nataraja Subramanian), and the intense battle against the antagonist, Nagarajan (Radha Ravi). The film serves as a poignant reminder of the need for vigilance and support in combating the dangers of cyber harassment.

Bakasuran Screenshots:


In conclusion, Bakasuran is a gripping action film that sheds light on the dark world of cyber harassment. With an exceptional cast, a thought-provoking plot, and the skilled direction of Mohan G., this movie promises to be a memorable cinematic experience. Stay tuned for the release date, and be prepared to be immersed in the captivating world of Bakasuran.

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