Dakota Tyler Biography, Age, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Family, Height & More

Dakota Tyler is a popular AV actress and fashion model known for her captivating performances and stunning looks.

In this biography article, we will delve into her personal and professional life, providing you with an insight into her journey and achievements.

Dakota Tyler Biography
Dakota Tyler Biography

Dakota Tyler Biography:

Dakota Tyler, born on February 20, 2003, in American Samoa, USA, is an American AV actress and model. She entered the AV entertainment industry at the age of 19 and made her debut with the ‘ECG’ film studio.

Dakota quickly gained recognition for her talents and soon became associated with Matrix Models.

Information Details
Name Dakota Tyler
Nickname Dakota
Gender Female
Profession AV actress and Model
Sexual Orientation Bi
Years Active 2020 – Present
Date of Birth February 20, 2003
Age |
Zodiac Pisces
Birth Place American Samoa, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Religion Christian
Novel The Bazaar of Bad Dreams
Favorite Stories ‘Graveyard Shift’ and ‘Strawberry Spring’
Hobbies Hiking and Cliff Jumping
Dakota Tyler – Quick Info Bio Data Table

Physical Stats:

Height5′ 0″ (152 cm)
Weight48 kg (105 lbs)
Body Mass Index (BMI)20.73
Body SizeSlim
Bra Size30A
Chest Size23 inches
Waist Size33 inches
Hip Size33 inches
Biceps SizeVaries
Body Fat Percentage20.94%
Eye ColourBrown
Hair ColourBlack
Tattoos‘Baby’ on left flank;
‘2003’ on back of left thigh;
‘Dagger’ on back of right forearm

Educational Qualifications:

Details about Dakota Tyler’s educational background are not available at the moment. However, her dedication to her profession and continuous growth suggest a strong work ethic and a commitment to self-improvement.

Dakota Tyler Latest Photos/Pics:

Family and Other Relatives:

FatherNot available
MotherNot available
SisterNot available
BrotherNot available
AuntNot available
UncleNot available
GrandmotherNot available
GrandfatherNot available
CousinNot available
Family FriendNot available

Dakota Tyler Affairs and Relationships:

Marital statusSingle

Early Life and Career:

Dakota Tyler was born to a Brazilian-Swiss mother and Puerto Rican father on the East coast of the USA. Before entering the AV industry, she worked as a waitress at a small Mexican restaurant. Her journey into the world of adult entertainment happened unexpectedly when she received a call from her agent, Steven, before even uploading her profile photo on her application.

Despite initial apprehensions about public opinions and stigmas surrounding the industry, Dakota found inspiration from watching a video of Riley Reid discussing her profession. She embraced the liberating and empowering aspects of the AV industry and has since worked with renowned actresses and actors, as well as esteemed production houses.

Dakota Tyler Net Worth:

As of now, Dakota Tyler’s net worth is estimated to be around $200,000. Her success in the AV industry and modeling career, coupled with her growing popularity on social media, contribute to her financial success.

Dakota Tyler Age in :

As of , Dakota Tyler is years old, having been born on February 20, 2003.

Interesting Facts About Dakota Tyler:

  1. Dakota Tyler has collaborated with AV actresses and actors such as Maya Woulfe, Pristine Edge, Molly Little, Theodora Day, Lumi Ray, Tyler Nixon, and Cody Steele.
  2. She has a significant following on social media, with over 60k followers on Twitter and more than 50k followers on Instagram.
  3. Dakota has a passion for reading and enjoys the thrill of outdoor activities like hiking and cliff jumping.
  4. She was a cheerleader throughout high school but once broke her arm during a stunt in her sophomore year.
  5. Dakota Tyler is also active on OnlyFans, where she provides exclusive content to her subscribers.
  6. She has her ears pierced and several tattoos on different parts of her body.
  7. Dakota admires author Stephen King and considers his novel “The Bazaar of Bad Dreams” as one of her favorites.
  8. She is fascinated by water-related activities and enjoys any adventure that involves water.
  9. Dakota’s love for her profession stems from accidentally discovering her grandfather’s stash of Playboy magazines.
  10. Tyler Nixon, her first co-star, remains one of her favorite male talents in the industry.

Social Media Accounts:

FacebookNot available
YouTubeNot available
TikTokNot available
SnapchatNot available
LinkedInNot available


What is Dakota Tyler’s height?

Dakota Tyler’s height is approximately 5′ 0″ (152 cm).

Is Dakota Tyler married?

No, Dakota Tyler is currently single.

What is Dakota Tyler’s net worth?

Dakota Tyler’s net worth is estimated to be around $200,000.

What are Dakota Tyler’s favorite hobbies?

Dakota Tyler enjoys hiking and cliff jumping as her favorite hobbies.

Does Dakota Tyler have any tattoos?

Yes, Dakota Tyler has tattoos, including ‘Baby’ on her left flank, ‘2003’ on the back of her left thigh, and a ‘Dagger’ on the back of her right forearm.

Summary of Dakota Tyler:

Dakota Tyler is a talented AV actress and model known for her captivating performances. At the age of 20, she has already made a significant impact in the AV industry. Dakota’s dedication to her craft and her willingness to embrace the liberating aspects of her profession have contributed to her success. With a growing fan base and a strong online presence, she continues to shine in her career as she explores new opportunities.

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