Jadah Marie Johnson Bio, Age, Net Worth, Husband, Affairs, Family, Height & More

Who is Jadah Marie Johnson? Jadah Marie Johnsonis a multi-talented American actress, singer, and dancer who has captured the hearts of many with her exceptional skills and charming personality. In this comprehensive biography, we will delve into her early life, career, personal relationships, and other intriguing aspects. Join us as we explore the life of Jadah Marie Johnson.

Jadah Marie Johnson Bio, Age, Net Worth, Husband, Affairs, Family, Height & More
Jadah Marie Johnson Biography

Jadah Marie Johnson Wiki/Biography:

Born on August 1, 2005, in Fontana, California, Jadah Marie Johnson has always possessed a deep passion for the performing arts. At a young age, she embarked on her journey in the entertainment industry, captivating audiences with her remarkable talent.

Full NameJadah Marie Johnson
Nick NameUnknown
Date of BirthAugust 1, 2005
Age |
Place of BirthFontana, California
ProfessionActress, Singer, Dancer
Notable WorksCelia Mack in “Descendants 3”
Music CareerReleased singles: “Lift Off,” “That’s Me Right There,” “Invincible”
AchievementsGained recognition for her role in “Descendants 3”
FatherChristian Redd
MotherChiresse Ferguson
Siblingstwo identical twin brothers, Mir O’Neil and Amari O’Neil.
Educational QualificationsUnknown
Net WorthUnknown

Jadah Marie Johnson Physical Stats:

Standing at an impressive height, Jadah Marie Johnson possesses an elegant and graceful presence that complements her performances. Her physical attributes perfectly complement her on-screen appearances and contribute to her undeniable charm.

Jadah Marie Johnson Educational Qualifications:

While specific details about Jadah Marie Johnson’s educational background are not widely known, her dedication to her craft and continuous growth as an artist demonstrate her commitment to honing her skills.

About Jadah Marie Johnson Family and Other Relatives:

Jadah Marie Johnson has kept her personal life relatively private, and detailed information about her family and other relatives is not readily available. However, her loved ones have undoubtedly played an important role in shaping her career and supporting her along the way.

Jadah Marie Johnson Boyfriend/Husband:

As of now, Jadah Marie Johnson has not publicly disclosed information about her romantic relationships or current dating status. She remains focused on her career and continues to captivate audiences with her talent and charisma.

Jadah Marie Johnson Early Life and Career:

Jadah Marie Johnson’s early life was marked by her passion for the arts. She began her career in the entertainment industry at a young age, showcasing her acting, singing, and dancing abilities. Her breakthrough role came in 2019 when she portrayed Celia Mack in the Disney Channel series “Descendants 3,” earning praise for her performance and gaining a significant fan following.

Jadah Marie Johnson Net Worth:

With her rising success in the entertainment industry, Jadah Marie Johnson has undoubtedly made a mark and secured financial stability. While the exact figures of her net worth remain undisclosed, her talent and diverse range of projects indicate a prosperous career ahead.

Jadah Marie Johnson Age in :

As of , Jadah Marie Johnson is years old, displaying remarkable achievements at such a young age. Her dedication and talent have positioned her as a promising young star in the entertainment industry.

Jadah Marie Johnson Latest Photos/Pics:

Interesting Facts About Jadah Marie Johnson:

  • Jadah Marie Johnson was born on August 1, 2005, in Fontana, California.
  • She gained prominence for her role as Celia Mack in “Descendants 3.”
  • Jadah Marie Johnson is not only an actress but also a talented singer and dancer.
  • Her music releases have been well-received by her fans.
  • Jadah Marie Johnson’s exact net worth remains undisclosed, but her success points towards a bright future.
  • She possesses a captivating charm that adds depth to her on-screen performances.
  • Jadah Marie Johnson’s dedication to her craft is evident through her continuous growth and improvement.
  • She has a strong presence on social media, where fans can connect with her and stay updated on her latest projects.
  • Jadah Marie Johnson’s talent and versatility have garnered her a dedicated fanbase.
  • She continues to inspire aspiring artists with her talent, hard work, and determination.

Social Media Accounts of Jadah Marie Johnson:


What is Jadah Marie Johnson’s birthdate?

Jadah Marie Johnson was born on August 1, 2005.

Is Jadah Marie Johnson dating anyone?

As of now, Jadah Marie Johnson has not publicly revealed her relationship status.

What is Jadah Marie Johnson’s breakthrough role?

Jadah Marie Johnson gained recognition for her role as Celia Mack in the Disney Channel series “Descendants 3.”

Does Jadah Marie Johnson have a music career?

Yes, Jadah Marie Johnson is not only an actress but also a talented singer, and she has released several singles.

Where can I find Jadah Marie Johnson’s latest updates and photos?

You can find the latest updates and photos of Jadah Marie Johnson on her Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

Summary of Jadah Marie Johnson:

Jadah Marie Johnson is a gifted actress, singer, and dancer who has made a significant impact in the entertainment industry. With her breakthrough role in “Descendants 3” and her growing music career, she has captured the hearts of many fans. At just 18 years old, Jadah Marie Johnson’s future shines bright as she continues to showcase her talent, versatility, and dedication to her craft. Stay tuned for more exciting projects from this rising star.

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