Jana Kramer Bio, Age, Net Worth, BF, Husband, Kids, Family, Photos, Height & More

Jana Kramer has captivated audiences with her incredible talent and magnetic personality. From her early days as an actress to her flourishing career as a country music singer, Jana has proven herself to be a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. In this biography, we’ll delve into Jana Kramer’s life, including her age, net worth, relationships, family, career, and more.

Jana Kramer Bio, Age, Net Worth, BF, Husband, Kids, Family, Photos, Height & More
Jana Kramer Biography

Jana Kramer Wiki/Biography

Born on December 2, 1983, in Rochester Hills, Michigan, Jana Kramer displayed her passion for the arts from an early age. Her full name is Jana Rae Kramer, and she has German and Croatian ancestry. Jana’s innate talent and dedication led her to pursue a career in acting and music, making her mark in both fields.

Full NameJana Rae Kramer
Date of BirthDecember 2, 1983
Place of BirthRochester Hills, Michigan
AncestryGerman and Croatian
Height5’4″ (163 cm)
Eye ColorBlue
EducationRochester Adams High School
Belmont University
ParentsNora Kramer (mother)
Martin Kramer (father)
SiblingSteve Kramer (brother)
Marital StatusEngaged
Previous HusbandsMichael Gambino
Johnathon Schaech
Current PartnerAllan Russell
ChildrenJolie Rae Caussin (daughter)
Jace Joseph Caussin (son)
ProfessionActress, Singer, Songwriter
AlbumsJana Kramer (2012)
Thirty One (2015)
Notable Songs“Why Ya Wanna”
“I Got the Boy”
Net Worth$2 million (estimated)
Jana Kramer Bio Data Table

Jana Kramer Physical Stats

Jana Kramer’s physical appearance adds to her allure. Standing at an impressive height of 5’4″ (163 cm) and possessing striking blue eyes, she effortlessly captures the attention of her fans. With her slender physique and radiant smile, Jana’s charm is undeniable.

Jana Kramer Educational Qualifications:

While Jana Kramer pursued her dreams in the entertainment industry, she also focused on her education. She attended Rochester Adams High School in Michigan and later enrolled at the prestigious Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. Jana’s commitment to her studies showcases her determination to excel in all aspects of her life.

About Jana Kramer Family and Other Relatives:

Jana Kramer values her family dearly. She was born to parents Nora and Martin Kramer, who have been a constant source of support throughout her journey. Jana also has a brother named Steve. Her strong bond with her family is evident in her heartfelt lyrics and the way she cherishes her loved ones.

Jana Kramer Husband and Children:

Jana Kramer’s love life has been a topic of interest among her fans. She has been married multiple times. Her first marriage was to Michael Gambino in 2004, which unfortunately ended in divorce. She later married actor Johnathon Schaech in 2010, but their marriage also ended in divorce. In 2015, Jana found love again and married former NFL player Mike Caussin. They have two children together, a daughter named Jolie Rae and a son named Jace Joseph. Jana’s journey through relationships and motherhood has been both challenging and inspiring.

Jana Kramer, her kids and husband Mike Caussin
Jana Kramer, her kids and husband Mike Caussin

Jana Kramer Early Life and Career:

Jana Kramer’s rise to fame began with her acting career. She appeared in several popular television shows, including “One Tree Hill” and “90210.” Her breakthrough role as Alex Dupre in “One Tree Hill” garnered critical acclaim and showcased her acting prowess. Jana’s success in acting paved the way for her transition into the music industry, where she found equal triumph. Her debut single, “Why Ya Wanna,” topped the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, solidifying her position as a talented country music artist.

Jana Kramer Net Worth:

As a versatile entertainer, Jana Kramer has achieved remarkable success, both professionally and financially. While her exact net worth is subject to change, as of 2023, Jana Kramer’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. Her various ventures, including acting, music, and brand endorsements, have contributed to her impressive financial standing.

Jana Kramer Age in 2023:

In 2023, Jana Kramer will celebrate her 40th birthday. Throughout her career, she has continued to evolve and showcase her talents, defying age barriers and inspiring others with her dedication and resilience.

Jana Kramer Latest Photos/Pics:

10 Interesting Facts About Jana Kramer:

  1. Jana Kramer competed on season 23 of “Dancing with the Stars,” finishing in fourth place.
  2. She has appeared in movies such as “Click” and “Prom Night.”
  3. Jana has released two albums, including the chart-topping hit “Why Ya Wanna.”
  4. She is an advocate for raising awareness about domestic violence.
  5. Jana has German and Croatian ancestry.
  6. She has overcome personal struggles and used her experiences to inspire others.
  7. Jana’s role as Alex Dupre on “One Tree Hill” gained her a loyal fan base.
  8. She has a passion for fashion and often shares her stylish outfits on social media.
  9. Jana is a devoted mother to her two children, Jolie Rae and Jace Joseph.
  10. She is engaged to Allan Russell, a former Scottish footballer, and they recently announced their pregnancy.

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How many husbands has Jana Kramer had?

Jana Kramer has been married three times. Her previous husbands are Michael Gambino and Johnathon Schaech. She is currently engaged to Allan Russell.

Who did Jana Kramer have a baby with?

Jana Kramer has two children, Jolie Rae and Jace Joseph, with her ex-husband, Mike Caussin.

How many kids does Jana Kramer have?

Jana Kramer has two children, a daughter named Jolie Rae and a son named Jace Joseph.

How many divorces does Jana Kramer have?

Jana Kramer has been through two divorces: one from Michael Gambino and another from Johnathon Schaech.

Summary of Jana Kramer:

Jana Kramer is a multi-talented artist who has made her mark in both acting and country music. Her journey has been filled with highs and lows, but she continues to inspire others through her music, performances, and personal triumphs. With a dedicated fan base and a bright future ahead, Jana Kramer’s star power is destined to shine even brighter in the years to come.

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